Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. WebA Russian tank and crew are attempting to recover a previously damaged/stuck tank, before being rudely interrupted by Ukrainian drones. Fixed the destruction of ukrozh @ pov in a certain amount at the same time. Tank shoots Ukrainian soldiers at point-blank range No views Apr 23, 2022 0 Dislike Share Save Anti The Sun The tank was Ukrainian, but Russians were sitting inside, In the clip, a voice can be heard accusing the Russian soldiers of "slamming" Kharkiv, Ukraine's second-largest city, The Post reported, adding that everyone in the clip spoke Russian. This is a BETA experience. Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, after meeting with Artyukhin, is to "ensure transparency in the allocation of funds for all needs, so that not a single ruble is spent inefficiently." Side and rear armor are invariably lighter, especially on Russian tanks. One shot could accidentally be, and the second (prepare the second shot for 90 seconds), It looks like one shot behind the eye was enough from such a distance, My opinion is that the tank was captured, possibly a T-64B in pixel camouflage, which is why the territorial defense reacted so freely to its appearance. Burnt-out Russian tanks seized by Ukrainian forces are on display in the capitals of the Baltics, and mostEstonians, Latvians and Lithuanians are expressing support forthe Ukrainians defending their homeland. If it were not for these bravura videos from Ukrainians, where they kill Russian prisoners, torture, shoot from ambushes, cackling joyfully, then I think our tankers would not be able to shoot at the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine so point-blank. 125mm all separate. Did the DPR people say hello to the Banderlogs on a captured tank? The lone Ukrainian tank takes on a convoy of Russian tanks. While some commenters suggested that the rounds must have hit a fuel tank to cause the fire, this is not the case. The situation in and around embattled Bakhmut is "extremely difficult" and Ukrainian forces may withdraw from the eastern city, an aide toPresident Volodymyr Zelenskyy said Wednesday. (There is talk about newly women recruits). Such short-range short-notice encounters are, of course, endemic in FIBUA [Fighting In Built-Up Areas], says Patrick Benham-Crosswell, a former tank officer in the British Army and author of The Dangerous World of Tommy Atkins: a beginners guide to land warfare.. But you cant hear it on the primer, and in general the T-64 goes quite softly and comfortably for the crew, in comparison with the T-72 or T-62. However, tank armor is not the same from all angles. Not a militia. I will express my opinion, there are a couple of points, I think this is a very good montage .. I am not saying they are interchangeable. But Ryabkov also told Russia's Interfax news agency "untilthe United States changes its behavior, until we see signs of common sense in what they are doing in relation to Ukraine, in Ukraine, we see no chance for the decision to suspend START to be reviewed or reexamined.". I didnt understand the meaning of the fuss.. Rather, a marauder, like in "Wedding in Malinovka.". Ukrainian soldiers shoot Russian Isn't this one of those captured tanks that ours took near Kharkov the other day? Ukraines deputy defense minister, Hanna Maliar, said this week reinforcements have been sent to the city, but it's not clear what their role will be. Ukrainian tank created under the USSR. But - it came out delicious! As the video begins, it looks like the Ukrainian tans caught a retreating Russian convoy by surprise. "We treat prisoners according to the Geneva Convention, no matter what your personal emotional motives.". UA FreeSky. When the Russian Armed Forces tried to resolve the issue by exhortations and warnings, having lost many of their military men, they, the Bandera people, took this as a weakness. Priority goes to destroying the BMP because it has a weapon system that can destroy his vehicle system as well, said Liscano, before using a slang term among tankers to refer to dismounted troops: Then he can focus on the little crunchies around him.. Finland and Sweden, both EU members,remained militarily unaligned for decades until Russia's invasion of Ukraine prompted them to revise their stance. Ukraine said it was investigating a video appearing to show its troops shooting captive Russians. "This winter is over,'' he said. It would seem a common case in the war: they say they mixed up for what and paid the price, if not for the shooting. When I watched the video of the result of this OF in the telegram, I wanted to spit out dinner. It is worth noting that the 25mm round fired by U.S. M2 Bradley vehicles was reportedly effective against the side armor of Russian-made tanks in Iraq, though normally the Bradley would use guided missiles. only this operator somehow suddenly dropped everything and ran away. Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi, the commander in chief of Ukraine's armed forces, claimed in a statement on Facebook Sunday that the video was staged by the Russians to "discredit" Ukrainian forces. Perhaps the tankers themselves did not expect that the APU-shniks were standing! In general, we are waiting for clarifications, it is really difficult to say something. the process is not important, but the result. Russias Defense Ministry said severaldrones were shot down by air defense forces in Crimea, and others were disabled by electronic warfare systems. "Our counteroffensives will be around the corner," he said. All rights reserved. Taking into account the fact that the Ukrainians have a problem with the replenishment of equipment, I would assume that they have more tankers than tanks. When trying to drive through one of the checkpoints, fire was opened on Sodol's car". Hospitals are under siege and museums are emptying., On a street in Mariupol, footage has emerged of Russian tanks and armored vehicles under fire from Ukrainian defenders.. The simplest differences are the wheels (rollers) and triplexes of the mechanical drive, it makes it possible to distinguish even if everything is removed from the tanks. And not to see the directed barrel of the gun in your direction? This Sunday, precision anti-missile systems have destroyed military anti-missile equipment in a hangar, Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said, according to the Interfax news agency. Is it just that there is no video, or do you have to paint the actions of all troops every minute? Then he noticed the obvious - huge crosses applied to their tanks as identification marks. WebRussian tank shooting Ukrainians who thought it was a friendly tank (Which is weird cause how did they not see the marking on it that are there to differentiate both sides) Captured The war in Ukraine is leaving images of war like never before seen in other conflicts. The shooting was carried out on an iron, resolution 240, this is a 0,3 megapixel camera, in our time. ", In a Telegram post, Arestovich told Ukrainian troops and militias that "the abuse of prisoners is a war crime that has no amnesty under military law and has no statute of limitations. A couple of other features stand out in this video. Thats a catastrophic kill, he added, referring to the moment when the rounds impact the BMP and strike the engine, resulting in a massive explosion. The New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty places verifiable limits on nuclear weapons. the Ukrainian tankers might have thought that this was our checkpoint and scammed. It didn't add clarity. Konashenkov has indicated that Ukraine had received the anti-missile systems from a European country, although he has not specified which country it is. A similar rapid-fire video, in which a BTR-4 fires at a T-72 and then destroys a BVRM-1K reconnaissance vehicle was put online a few days earlier. This gang just stood in the way of the tank. The first one is a longer version of more than 2 minutes where bleeding Russian soldiers are seen being beaten up and interrogated. The war in Ukraine is leaving images of war like never before seen in In addition, he has indicated that during the night a series of attacks on Ukrainian military installations in MikolaivDonetsk and other regions of the country. Or rather, his story against the backdrop of a captured tank. And there are no variable charges, as in artillery. All because of the biggest country in world wants more power and more territory, it's so sad for Ukrainians. I didnt understand the meaning of the fuss that this doesnt happen in a war? The tankers did not crawl through a pile of sand and took advantage of the optimal solution .. Judging by the sound of the engine, this is the 5TDF of the T-64 tank. This armor was designed to defeat the 105mm guns of NATO tanks, and early anti-tank missiles like Dragon and TOW. Most likely this is a captured T-64 rented from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but who came up with the idea to work like that, the question is still the same. The change in elevation led some commenters online to speculate that the gunner was attempting to either skip rounds underneath the vehicle in the hopes of impacting its belly or that he was trying to thread the needle so that the rounds would impact at the rear of the BMP and hit the dismounted Russian soldiers taking cover behind it. In the telegram they now write there, the beha stood behind the whole .., and they hammered at it .. Judging by the sound of the engine, this is the 5TDF of the T-64 tank. Bogner said the UN was "in the process of verifying all of the material that has been issued" and that it "raises serious concerns," CNN reported. They screwed it up much earlier. Copyright Network18 Media and Investments Ltd 2023. The History Guy: History Deserves to be Remembered,,,, A Russian tank fires at point-blank range at a group of unsuspecting Ukrainian soldiers. The Finns drove into our position, mistaking ours for their own. Ukraine War - Ukrainian Soldiers Knock Out Russian Tank With NLAW In Point Blank Ambush - YouTube Sign in to confirm your age 0:00 / 3:03 Sign in to confirm After destroying the BTR-82, the Ukrainian BTR-4 moves into position and fires a burst at the T-72s flank (at 22 seconds) which does nothing apart from setting off an explosive reactive armor tile intended to disrupt incoming shaped charges. I'm not talking about unitary ammunition, but separate. "Particularly gifted" and others like you violate. The cart already has an analysis of this incident! The video was filmed by a drone and first posted by a Ukrainian volunteer unit on instant messaging service Telegram. As in other cases, Russian armor seems to be operating on its own without infantry to act as their eyes and ears, an extremely dangerous approach in in built-up areas. A Russian pilot has been killed after their Su-25 fighter jet crashed in the Belgorod region of Western Russia - just miles from the Ukrainian border. On April 8, the Slovak Prime Minister, Edward Heger, confirmed to have sent a S-300 air defense system to Ukraine. FS77-76970, issued on October 11.10.2019, XNUMX by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), Rules for using and copying information from the site. Confident, the Ukrainians are shot at point-blank range by the Russian T-72B3 main battle tank. If there is a decision, why should the cameraman run without turning off the camera? Published Mar 15, 2022 9:40 AM EDT, The Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been described as the worlds first TikTok War is now in its third week. Sign up for notifications from Insider! The five-minute video appears to show Ukrainian forces mistreating captive and bound Russian troops, who were then shot in the kneecaps at point-blank range. @uafreesky. . No surprise, No approval .. just ran, but did not turn off the camera . And when he turned it off again it's not clear. Everyone has their own war and no one knows what is happening behind the neighboring garden. Driving around at this range, when an enemy vehicle can appear around any corner and destroy you with one shot, requires the proverbial nerves of steel. Due to the large number of complaints about the quality of the video in Bucha, the fake video is coming out with a more realistic video of Bucha-2. CNN name, logo and all associated elements and 2023 Cable News Network LP, LLLP. BREAKING: Zelensky advisor has released a video reminding soldiers to adhere to the Geneva Convention Metabiota Poso (@JackPosobiec) March 27, 2022. Its no surprise that 30mm knocks holes in it, Benham-Crosswell. Tanks are knocked out, for example, on the undercarriage, abandoned due to malfunctions, lack of fuel, etc., but the crew remains alive. The viral video began making its rounds on pro-Russian media channels and on social media on Sunday, according to The Washington Post, which reported that the clip was filmed in the village of Malaya Rohanin in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. But if you drive up to the post correctly (slowly), plus there is obviously more support nearby in the forest. From a barrel cannon at such a distance, you can break the entire group only with a charge, without a projectile. The video was originally shared by Maria Dubovikova, an independent journalist. as far as I could see when zoomed in, Ukrainians were still standing there, judging by the uniform. But the fact that the terbatovtsy (VSUshniks) made a mistake, mistaking the tank for their own, can be seen from the greeting of one of them a second before the shot. Turkey and Hungary are the only NATO countries yetto approve the inclusion of the two Nordic nations, which requires unanimity. The checklist does not work! In any case, the video is a visceral example of what up-close armored combat looks like in this day and age. Click here. Lawmakers in the U.S. also have called for reviews of spending on the war. And you can also hear non-rubberized rollers on asphalt for two kilometers. Foolishness, my friend .. Ukrainian solders shot by Russian tank at point blank range with aftermath footage. Lack of reaction from either vehicle was a surprise, says Benham-Crosswell. I think they are waiting for awards. WebUkrainian drone records a Russian tank attempting to flee but is hit by Ukrainian artillery then later a group of Russian soldiers unload from a BMP at the exact same intersection Get the latest in military news, entertainment and gear in your inbox daily. Zelenskyy warned that Russia may continue to target power plants, but took a moment during his nightly video address to acknowledge getting past some toughdays. Its just that it still hasnt sank about the fact that why the operator suddenly started filming, I believe that they expected something like this and when the operator ran, they didnt fire at him. Captured a tank. The video shows Russian soldiers lying on the ground, some bleeding profusely and amid all the commotion a Ukrainian soldier allegedly shoots a Russian soldier on his leg and proceeds to beat all of the wounded Russian soldiers. Another feature is the presence and absence of foot soldiers from the two sides. Emerging suddenly near the enemy, the BTR-4 engages first a BTR-82 personnel carrier and then a T-72B3 tank at extremely close range, with its 30mm automatic cannon. removed, 10% then gets into the network. Russian tanks are burning again like it happened during the war with the Nazis, Yarkov said. In Estonia, Anatoly Yarkov, 78, showed up to see the tank in Tallinn. But the fact that the Terbatovites (VSUshniks) were mistaken. The Russian president tried to use winter weather as a weapon of war, relentlessly attacking Ukraine's energy infrastructure to pierce the citizens' resolve by leaving them in the cold while also cutting off gas supplies to European countries. But apparently the time has come for serious work, when only the possibility of being actually destroyed will make the Nazis think about the consequences of their Bandera methods. Apparently they killed the survivors. " Further, the person who was filming, without turning off the camera, begins to run away from his car, in which he was ..". The two engagements both occur at uncommonly close range, with the first against the T-72 appearing to result in damage, though the extent is unclear. No one there would even think to understand the probabilities of "friendly fire" or the characteristic sounds of a Ukrainian tank engine. But what has grown has grown. In turn, the crew of the lead T-72 tank mistakenly mistook the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine standing by the side of the road for Russian troops and fired at them at point-blank range. Diesel fuel is notoriously difficult to ignite and some tank designers actually put fuel tanks in front of vital components to protect them. Shooting from a tank at point-blank range at Ukrainian battalion servicemen at a checkpoint is being discussed online April 11 2022 231 Illustrative image A video has surfaced online showing tank shelling of the post of the battalion of the so-called territorial defense at close range. From here, the legs grow at any friendly fire, and any armies in the world suffer from this, if there is no information that your own are moving, you shoot at everything that moves. He previously worked at The Washington Post as a Military Veterans in Journalism Fellow, as well as covering local news in New England. The second video which is only 13 seconds-long shows newly arrived POWs being shot directly on their legs at point blank range. The more they kill them, the less we get. Read more NLAW missiles use "predictive line of sight" technology. Other terbatovtsy will look, think whether it is worth arranging checkpoints at all. The site uses IP addresses, cookies and geolocation data of site users, the terms of use are contained in personal data protection policy. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia will not resume participation in the treaty until there is a change in the "attitude of the collective West.". As Benham-Crosswell notes, the accepted approach is combined arms, with infantry and armor supporting each other, the vehicles bringing heavy firepower while the foot soldiers provide situational awareness and lay down suppressive fire on anyone pointing an anti-tank weapon. It emerged online just two days after Ukrainian forces said on Telegram that they had taken back the village from Russian troops, The Post reported. But you cant hear it on the primer. Its frontal armor is slanted to give an effective thickness of over 500 mm (20 inches) of steel plate, or at least ten times as much as the BTR-4. Anyone who took part in what he called "torture" must be held responsible, Peskov said, according to the news outlet. This time the gunner takes longer to aim and unleashes a stream of rounds not at the tanks body or turret but low down at track level (at 39 seconds). He was "active in the community," Alla said. Z is clearly visible in the side projection, and then they "flew" to the post directly in the forehead, perhaps the tank was a captured T-64B in pixel camouflage. 1 guy is in black uniform and 1 guy even look in civilian clothes. (Twitter. The Finns decided to use English vickers on one sector of the front. Closer inspection shows that the T-72 does appear to move forward slightly (from 23-24 seconds) during the engagement, but does not get out of the way. But our T-26s were the same Vickers (licensed). The apparent prisoners of war can be seen lying tied up and bloodied on the ground at one point in the video. And it eats oil like a bulls slop. The video was filmed by a young ignoramus. I remember well the case when an ordinary one half-year old decided to sleep. This may be because the crew had little idea of where the enemy was and they may have been taking fire from other directions. You listen at your own risk. Anything can happen in the war, in the first Chechen war, the VOG 25th Dukhovskiy tank was destroyed, a grenade flew into the open hatch of the T-72 gunner-operator by chance. Some are extremely violent, like the one broadcast last week in which Ukrainian soldiers finished off enemy troops lying wounded on the ground. The correct version is the simplest version. Press J to jump to the feed. broforwin Ukrainian soldiers realize there's Russian soldiers still in a basement, they fire on it and throw grenades into it somewhere in Bakhmut area (Possibly older footage) In general, we are waiting for clarifications, it is really difficult to say something. Bakhmut is considered valuable as a gateway to a swath of the Donbas region, and deadly battles have been fought around it for weeks. what they sometimes do is hard for the human psyche to endure. It is very difficult not to see Z on the VLD of the tank at such a distance. NATO leadership has intended to accept them together this year, but Finland -- which shares an800-mile border with Russia -- may get there first. and all the hangings from the tank will be swept away, No matter how hard I tried, I didnt see Behu in the lowland, but if they loaded it with 125th, then it would definitely turn inside out, and yes, the work of a machine gun is heard. In a strange way, the operator appeared at the right time in the right place. I dont believe they were trying to get shrapnel or ricochet shots, especially with that caliber anything 25mm and above, thats a waste of ammo.. WebOn March 31, a Ukrainian surveillance drone captured the video near the town of Dmytrivka, near the capital Kyiv. The telegram already has videos wound up, though on a BMP. Yes, he has, although there are a lot of people posted there! The ambush occured on the E95 about 10km north of Bovary and about 5km north from Skybyn, the place where Ukrainian forces recently released another drone video that showed the retreat of the 6th Russian Tank Regiment from the 90. While the frontal armor may have an effective thickness of 500mm, the side armor is only 80mm for the upper 60% of its height. It also has a Konkurs or Baryer anti-tank guided missile launcher, but this has a minimum range of about 100 meters and takes longer to engage than the cannon. Again, "for the bloody picture." Video in the cart.TG. Access your favorite topics in a personalized feed while you're on the go. All Rights Reserved, The train crash in Greece is due to "tragic human error",, The public scuffle between Jaime Lorente and ElMillor: You are the most imbecile, FC Barcelona: Carles Puyol: I am sure that Piqu and Alba will seek the good of the team, Police violence in Israel against protests for judicial reform, Microsoft brings ChatGPT to Windows 11 and integrates it into the taskbar, The train crash in Greece is due to tragic human error, according to the prime minister. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. In order to understand this, just look at the entire playlist. You may opt-out by. Narciso Contreras/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images. At checkpoints, travel is paid! Read all the Latest News , Breaking News and IPL 2022 Live Updates here. And the second shot followed after 20 seconds, because dust and smoke hung in front of the tank after the cannon ejector (smoke was blown out of the barrel). This is a Russian soldier. Something really somehow the operator to the place was there. GRAPHIC WARNING: Video shows the tank fire, HOWEVER the camera moves away from the scene right as the Ukrainian tank during an offensive at Kherson in summer 2022. in such cases it is necessary to provide data on when and where it was filmed. It could be women soldiers sitting on top of BMP. Track Latest News and Election Results Coverage Live on and get news updates from India and around the world. Theres two types of kills, said one mechanized combat expert with more than ten years experience as an armor officer, mobility and catastrophic.. shows aftermath so it's actually true. WebThe Ukrainian forces had gotten an abandoned russian tank, then a russian snuck back on the tank and shot into a big group of ukraine soldiers theres a video of the actual incident (Well, or they accidentally "flew" to the post). Everything is simpler there - friendly fire - the ukrotankist confused his infantry with ours and hit it, the result - there is a video in the cart, anyone who is interested can watch it! This may seem quite unlikely. 800 rpm It's like the roar of an elephant in a movie, especially when you overdrive))) The supercharger turbine whistles. The footage and its contents could not be independently verified by News18. Russia Alleges Ukraine Torturing Russian POWs, Launches Probe After Videos Go Viral, first one is a longer version of more than 2 minutes, second video which is only 13 seconds-long.

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