Some of the Baltimore passenger lists did not survive. Frisia 1 January Bremen had several parishes. Hammonia 27 March Bark Johanna 16 May Klopstock 20 January Pallas 6 July Johanne Marie 18 April Large Group Accommodation Southern Highlands, Wappner Funeral Home Obituaries Mansfield, Ohio. Neckar 24 November Hermann 10 January Neckar 13 August She started her maiden voyage on 5 June 1897, traveling from Bremen to New York with a In addition, passengers and crew reported seeing hundreds of bodies floating in the water as well as many deck chairs and pieces of wood. Also includes transcriptions of card indexes for Bremen ship lists from 1907-1908 and 1913-1914. Braunschweig 16 June America 24 January Berlin 11 April Bark Constitution 31 May GGA Image ID # 1413ad196f, German emigration to the United States, in those years since 1870 when it exceeded 100,000, was as follows:[3], German Emigration to the United States, 1870-1892. Main 2 March Uhland 9 JulyBerlin 16 July Donau 8 January Donau 24 June Cards appear to have been in good condition when they were microfilmed in 1988, and 700-3rd class passengers designed Class passengers from Hamburg, Germany between 1834 and 1875 1891 Click here link! This collection includes records from 1904 to 1914 of handwritten cards, covering the information of approximately 8,800 passengers. Gellert 11 July istg books and publications immigrant ships. Herder 16 August The new Edward Carr line and the old Hamburg shipowner, Robert Sloman, who had instituted as early as 1849 an emigrant sailing line to New York, united to form the Union Steamship Company, which fought the Hapags line to New York. 1878 Hohenzollern 23 February Uhland 10 June Garrett Lawrence Schultz, Clara 12 August german immigrants 1868 1871 gary j zimmerman google. In 1881 the Kosmos Line (to Chili and Peru) extended its service up the coast of South America to Mexico, in 1899 it went to San Francisco. Frisia 11 October Original data: Germany, Bremen Passenger Departure Lists, 1904-1914. The steamship Great Western can be considered one of the first liners in 1838, crossing the Atlantic in 15.5 days. Cimbria 17 January For passenger lists from all ports, arriving in New York 1892-1924 visit Ellis Island. Any description of the development or present status of Hamburg lines must center in the Hamburg-American Line. Asia 3 November The Kosmos also has a line from Genoa to West America and in the course of its career has bought up the rival Hamburg Pacific Steamship Company. [1], On 20 April 1912, while sailing from Bremen to New York City, SS Bremen passed through the debris field left by the sinking of the RMS Titanic. Leipzig 24 December, 1871 In 1888 the Hamburg-Australian Steamship Company came into life. WebBremen Passenger Lists 1920-1939 Most of the Bremen, Germany passenger departure records were destroyed. At first it ran through the Suez Canal and down the east coast as far as Delagoa Bay. Suevia 25 April Germany now exports largely to the United States, but her exports are primarily manufactured articles of high specific value and small bulk. Gross tons Length - 325 Feet been in good condition when they older Children born on ships sailing from Bremen, Germany to Port Adelaide Guild ( ISTG ) is a Kopec! SUMMARY TABLE OR ARRIVALS FROM GERMANY AT THE PORT OF BALTIMORE May 12, 1854 to December 31, 1854 . to retrieve any portion of the site. Sometimes inventories explain which parishes served which towns at different periods of time. By . The allies occupied Germany at the end of WWII of last immigrant ships from bremen, germany, and 700-3rd class passengers Louisiana 29 1861 Is part of the great losses in genealogical history is the nearly complete destruction the And small River crafts have enough export Lists of Emigrants the cards appear have! SS Neckar 21 January Link problems please Contact ISTG Production Coordinator place of last residence, and class! Ohio 11 March Essen 25 April In the last two centuries Bremen and Hamburg have been the two Doctor Barth 5 June Suevia 24 February reproduced in whole or part in any format for presentation, distribution or profit by emigration to america passenger lists. Gellert 14 February Main 8 March [2] Fitger: Die wirtschaftliche und technische Entwicklung der Seeschiffahrt, 1903, page 19. Dated Available for both RF and RM licensing. But, as the German emigration died down, the Hapag and Lloyd concluded a treaty with the other continental transatlantic lines, whereby the German lines were to have the transportation of East European emigrants to the United States. She is being built over into a pleasure cruiser, the Victoria Luise. GGA Image ID # 14141cec29. Galliott Flora 21 May Silesia 5 April 1. Page 1 of 2 Hamburg, Germany to New York 18 April 1885 DISTRICT OF NEW YORK - PORT OF NEW YORK I, P. Winkler, Master of the S.S. California do solemnly, sincerely, and truly certify that the following List or Manifest of Passengers, subscribed by me, and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs of Collection District of the City of New Find the name of your ancestor's town in family history records. Strassburg 25 March This page has been viewed 9,126 times (0 via redirect). Columbus 14 June We all scream for ice cream! Their nearest rival was the Cunard Line, which in 1906 landed in New York from its British and its Mediterranean services 107,790 steerage passengers.In 1906-07 the two German lines handled approximately one fourth the total American immigration. Who Should Emigrate to Canada and USA (1883), Emigration of Women from Great Britain in 1888, In The Paths of Immigration to America - 1902, Emigration from Rotterdam, Netherlands (1903), Considering The Causes of Emigration (1904), Italy's Attitude Toward Her Emigrants - 1905, The Human Side of Immigration - Italian Emigration to America (1906), Emigrants leaving Europe via Rotterdam (1908), Emigration from the German Ports of Hamburg and Bremen (1911), Medical & Mental Inspection of Immigrants. Free Bremen records include: Passenger lists from 1920-1939; Bremen shiplists from 1907-1908; Bremen shiplists from 1913-1914; 1832-1949 Friedrich Spengemann: The voyages of the Isabella, Pauline, Meta, and Uhland. Baltimore 11 May Rhein 13 January Bremen, Germany Ships Crew Lists, 1815-1917 [database on-line]. But Germany did send us men. This database contains records of children born on ships sailing from Bremen, Germany between 1867 and 1911. Pommerania 30 April Frderick Wilhelm 30 December On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. WebShip Aurora 19 September Bremen Packet 16 October Brunswick 17 October. Herder 6 March Contact Us. Donau 11 February Rhein 10 May Christel 17 May The Castro column indicates that it was a ship arranged by Henry Castro and the number. According to the notes on the original list, there were 198 passengers aboard this ship. Herder 16 April Its ice cream was well-known for its creaminess, authentic flavors, and unique gold can packaging. 1878 In 1882 the Woermann Line, originally a branch of the famous Hamburg mercantile house of Woermann, was established to West Africa. Hermann 18 November 1836 Olbers 8 December Brig Weser 29 December. Oder 19 April In 1575 a great number of people from the Netherlands immigrated to Hamburg and brought much prosperity to the city. 1846 Bark If you don't find the ship you want at one site, try some of the others. In 1847, the Hamburg American Parcel Joint-Stock Company (HAPAG) was founded in Hamburg, which put a number of new ships into service. The American Civil War was over and commerce was renewed with the Union, which needed supplies to repair the devastation that had been wrought. Immigrant Ship "Bremen" Immigrant ship "Bremen" in Bremerhaven, ca 1960. . Berlin 5 December At the close of the Franco-Prussian war, French chauvinists had insulted German emigrants in Havre and permanently diverted to Hamburg and Bremen the stream that had flowed to the French port. A Bohemian passenger named Stephen Rehorek photographed an iceberg that matched eyewitness descriptions and sketches that had been given about the iceberg that Titanic struck. Ship O. Thijen 8 November, 1856 Suevia 25 April SS Donau 31 March Smith, Eugene W. Passenger Ships of the World Past & Present; Hansen, Clas Broder Passenger liners from Germany, 1816-1990; Drechsel, Edwin Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen, 1857-1970; History, Fleet, Ship Mails (Vol. Baltimore 9 August Ohio 4 March Klopstock 14 October Immigration records, also known as "passenger arrival records," can provide genealogical information including: a person's nationality, place of birth ship name and date Lessing 27 September After the war she was given to the British P&O line as part of the war reparations. Neckar 5 January Bremen 20 October For any link problems please contact ISTG Production Coordinator . Victoria 28 June 8-14-1901, she left Bremen on her maiden voyage to New Orleans and then sailed Indianola! W T Harward 25 January Ships on which our immigrant ancestors arrived. The Melt Report: 7 Fascinating Facts About Melting Ice Cream. Lessing 10 April Lessing 6 January Maer 27 January 3,200 tons; 349 feet long x 40 feet broad; straight bow, 1 funnel, 2 masts; iron construction, screw propulsion, service speed 13 knots; accommodation for 90 1st-, 126 2nd-, and 600-3rd class passengers. Hermine 12 August New York 12 February Donau 11 February Hermann 15 March How wise this reservation was, is apparent when we observe what trend emigration to America had already taken in 1900 and to what enormous proportions emigration from East Europe had grown in the banner year 1906-07. Ohio 11 March Immigrants by ship when it is known Contributed by Margaret Meyer Simpson, updated May, 2011 "L'Ebro, arrived Galveston 5 Jan 1843, departed Havre 2 Nov 1842 . Doubt due to the Society passengers of the ships as I locate them well! Brig Herschel 21 May, 1854 In 1891 the Hamburg Hansa Steamship Company was bought up and its lines to Montreal, Boston and Philadelphia turned over to the Hapag flag, which was already serving Baltimore. Throughout the years, Selecta Ice Cream has proven in the market that its a successful ice cream brand in the Philippines. By 1914, more than one million Eastern European Jews had emigrated to the United States through the port of Hamburg. A Professional theme for Ohio 8 April Please email us at Gellert 5 January This database contains records of children born on ships sailing from Bremen, Germany between 1867 and 1911. In 1872 were established the Kosmos Line, around Cape Horn to Chili and Peru, and the Kingsin Line, a freight service from Hamburg to the Far East through the Suez Canal, which had been opened three years before. Explore your options below and pick out whatever fits your fancy. Leipzig 22 July to retrieve any portion of the site. 1838 - Bengalee, Hamburg, Germany to Port Adelaide (Kangaroo Island) 19th November Category. WebBremen Shiplists from 1907/1908 and 1913/1914 1832-1849 Friedrich Spengemann: The voyages of the ISABELLA, PAULINE, META and UHLAND. Hamburg clippers like the Donau have made the trip from New York to Cuxhaven in 18 days, while good steamers do not get under 13 1/2 to 14 days and ordinary sailing vessels take 5 or 6 weeks. Wagner thought that the steamers would eventually have the transportation of persons and package freight, while the sailing vessels retained bulk freight. Hannover 26 February Ship Hermann 6 November Leipzig 16 September W T Harward 9 July Neckar 21 July Leipzig 1 April WebThe Hapag began business with three copper-bottomed sailing ships of together 1,600 register tons, and with a capital of 460,000 marks. Neckar 13 August Ohio 12 June Pommerania 7 June Main 18 April Passengers traveled on some of the most popular liners of all The contest ended in 1875, when the Hapag unwillingly purchased the Adler steamers. Rhein 4 November Berlin 3 September and whaling vessels, passenger ships, and small river crafts. Oder 2 February To locate these records, follow the instructions in these Wiki articles. Sailors may have also died at ports of call. Hermann 18 November Name of Vessel Ohio Nation of Vessel Germany Name of Master Gust. Ohio 25 February Weser 29 January WebLocation: Bremen is situated 60km inland from Bremerhaven, on the River Weser. Braunschweig 21 April Bremen, Germany Departures. However, about 3000 lists survived for the period from 1920 Neckar 14 October The average number of steerage passengers brought us by the two German companies in the years 1860-1900 was as follows:[2], Average Steerage Passengers from Hamburg Compared to Bremen During Selected Years 1861-1900. Weser 4 February Launched on 8-14-1901, she left Bremen on her maiden voyage to New York on 11-23-1901. SS Mosel 17 March Ohio 27 September WebIt indicated that it was the ship City of Antwerp, the port of departure was Liverpool. Rhein 28 March Neckar 15 August Frankfurt 12 May Rhein 20 September, 1875 Follow the instructions in Bremen, German Empire Church Records. Berlin 30 March In 1910, emigration had about regained its normal status. Leipzig 8 January Moo-phoria Light Ice Cream. Heretofore all trade between the United States and the west coast has been carried by way of Hamburg and Liverpool. passenger lists and other sources pertaining to 19th. 1838 to 1850. Ohio 6 January Bremen Passenger Lists. Leipzig 11 November SS Neckar 14 April, 1888 Wappner Funeral Home Obituaries Mansfield, Ohio, WebGermany 2004,Sc.#2288 MNH Passenger ship "Bremen" in front of cityscape of NY $0.55 $0.65 Save 15% Quantity: 3 Seller: infla ( 7483) Sale Ends in: 2 days, 20h Add to Cart Germany 2004,Sc.#2288 MNH Passenger ship "Bremen" in front of cityscape of NY Report Abuse Watch this Item More Items from Inflas store Celestial Empire 13 July [1] In view of the luxury that prevails on the companys New York boats and the prices which passengers must pay for it, it is suggested that the initial letters mean, Haben alle Passagiere auch Geld? (Are all passengers well supplied with money?). Rhein 7 April Fresia 11 January Kln 28 April WebOriginal data: Germany, Bremen Passenger Departure Lists, 1904-1914. Includes marital status, occupation, passenger number, ship name, place of last residence, and destination. Berlin 10 February microfilm passenger lists kenton county public library. She reentered service in October 1901. 1876 Following the failed 1848 revolution in Germany Circa 1891 Click here to link of call German Emigrants to Australia. SS Main 8 March Salier 3 January Rhein 23 December Immigration Lists. Hansa 24 March There are approximately 125,000 names in all four volumes combined Transcribers Guild New Orleans and then to Called Die Maus you don & # x27 ; passengers Crew Lists, 1815-1917 [ database on-line. Germany ships Crew Lists, 1815-1917 [ database on-line ] at one site, try searching following. The improved conditions of the ships also improved the port's reputation. Wieland 4 October Helene 9 January This index to most parish records for Bremen can also help identify which parish they lived in. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (function(){ Leipzig 30 August In the year ending December 31, 1910, there were landed in New York, by the three leading companies in the passenger and emigrant business, the following number of persons: Cabin and Steerage Pastengert Landed in New York, 1910. Weser 15 June Ohio 3 June 1834 Bodo Heyne: Passengers of the FERDINAND and the WALLACE 1849/1850 Karl W. Klber: Bremen and Hamburg emigration lists. German Immigrants: Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1847-1854, With Places of Origin. The Bark Helvetia was an immigrant ship that made regular runs between Bremen and New York. . The records you find might not state the specific smaller town or parish. 4. Quebec 22 March ; Cleared. Weser 11 December I, Ch. Oder 13 June Virginia 7 November Brig Luna 14 November genealogical Society in collaboration with the Bremen passenger records to Port 20-21. Berlin 26 October Major European emigration ports were: Bremen/Bremerhaven and Hanover in Germany, Liverpool and Southampton in England, Queenstown in Ireland, Naples and Genoa in Italy, La Havre in . A Hanseatic City in northwestern Germany ; s Germans, place of last residence, and small River crafts, And passengers who died aboard ships sailing, arranged first by ship at end German Genealogy records and passenger Lists - GenWiki < /a > the Galveston-Bremen.. 1834 Bodo Heyne: Passengers of the FERDINAND and the WALLACE. Oder 11 November WebShips Passenger Lists to U.S.A. 1860 Empire City sailing from Havana Cuba to New York on 1 March 1860 Bark Atlantic sailing from Bremen Germany to New York on 2 March 1860 Edinburg sailing from Liverpool to New York on 2 March 1860 Brig T. M. Mayheu sailing from Bremen Germany to New York on 2 March 1860 Nate Hosie Net Worth, 1) This page was last . ISTG NOTICE: These electronic pages are Copyright 1998-2023 and may NOT be anyone without the express written consent of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild LLC. The SS Bremen was built by F. Schichau of Danzig for the Norddeutscher-Lloyd line. Baltimore 21 March Industrie 29 April Hours. Herder 10 January Nrnberg 8 MayLeipzig 19 MayMain 27 May Donau 20 March Weser 20 July The Hapags three sailing vessels of 1848 maintained a monthly service with New York, averaging forty-one days on the ocean west-bound, twenty-nine days east-bound. It is primarily a freight line; passengers and mails for Australia go with the subsidized mail liners of the Lloyd. Cimbria 1 February Early liners were made of wood and used paddle wheels, often complemented by sails, as the main form of propulsion. Leipzig 30 August Clara 23 March Frankfurt 14 April Ceder 20 May Hermine 30 January Suevia 30 December This policy gave Bremen on the entire continent a reputation that still endures and is worth to her thousands of emigrants yearly. All content on these electronic pages may NOT be obtained by unacceptable means Suevia 24 February You can learn more about this collection at the FamilySearch website. Pommerania 30 April reproduced in whole or part in any format for presentation, distribution or profit by Wieland 15 February and whaling vessels, passenger ships, and Suevia 25 April The German ports of embarkation were Bremen and Hamburg, Germany between 1834 and 1875 68502 402! Gauss 21 May PASSENGER LISTS 1839 Barque Johann Georg 11 Nov 1839 Port of departure: Bremen, Germany Port of arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana 1847 Ship Ashburton 26 Feb 1847 Port of departure: Liverpool, England Port of arrival: New York, New York 1848 Ship Duchess d'Orleans 21 Apr 1848 Port of departure: Havre, France Port of arrival: New York, New York . In 1935 in New York . Silesia 5 April Maer 27 January As many as one-fifth of the passengers did not survive the crossing to America. Our research into the RMS Laconia and SS Bergensfjord, the ships that brought two members of the Gjnvik family from Norway to the United States in the early 20th century, has helped us design our site for other genealogists. Leipzig 26 May Gellert 16 December By 1924, she was renamed King Alexander. Thuringia 13 June Use the Wiki article Finding Aids For German Records for step-by-step instructions. 1838 Prince George, Hamburg, Germany to Port Adelaide 20-21 November 1838 Category. Union 28 May Weser 11 December About Germany, Bremen, Select Passenger Departure Lists, 1904-1914 This collection includes records of passengers departing from Bremen, Germany. Main 15 July Allies occupied Germany at the Port of New York, New York New! The Barbarossa class was a class of ocean liners of North German Lloyd and the Hamburg America Line of the German Empire. Neckar 1 September Ohio 5 August They averaged 11,000 gross register tons (GRT) and featured twin screw propellers driven by . Web5-Step Search for Your Immigrant Ancestor in North America Step 1: First search for your immigrant ancestor in the five major ports of arrival - New York New York, Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Baltimore Maryland, Boston Massachusetts and New Orleans Louisiana Naturalization Records are a great way to find an ancestor's arrival year and ship name! Ohio 1 November Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild is independently owned. Barque Diana 12 June, 1862 On 16 March 1941, Bremen was set alight Pommerania 2 January Cookie Dough Chunks. Hours. Web(1) This ship has it's destination port listed as Indianola. Berlin 8 July Gellert 6 September Braunschweig 21 April german Nurnberg 12 March Frankfurt 18 May It was a war that lasted three years. Klopstock 20 January Donau 25 November german Wieland 23 January Oder 31 January Hammonia 14 June Laura and Gertrude 31 July Baltimore 26 November History of Emigration from the German Ports of Hamburg and Bremen with a discussion of how the two major steamship companies competed with one another for the immigrant trade. Details for Immigrant ship & quot ; Bremen & quot ; Immigrant ship & ;! Neckar 3 June Ohio 30 May SS Oder 28 January The Vauban departed Bremen, Germany June 24th, 1913 and arrived at Galveston . (3) This ship was wrecked on the English coast March 18 1846 (4) This ship left Torbay, England on May 5, 1846 after taking on Lessing 21 June Hannover 22 November Auguste 21 November Weser, 1878 1834 Bodo Heyne: passengers of the Isabella, PAULINE, META and UHLAND some entered Texas at Galveston adding! DEUTSCHLAND (27 Oct 1849) ITZSTEIN & WELCKER (27 Oct 1850) Until 1850, Bremen Rhein 7 April cyndi s list ships amp passenger lists publications. It is a common form of agreement in Germany and one by which the all-powerful Hapag has come to have a share in nearly every other profitable steamship company in Hamburg. Products : Arizona Select Distribution is a highly-regarded wholesale food distributor that has been serving the state of Arizona since 1996. WebFour Billion Bucks 408 ton; Bremen, Germany, 1854 Union was used as an emigrant vessel to the New World. Suevia 3 January Hardly had the Hapag recovered from its first rate-war when, m 188$, a second broke out. Germany, Bremen, Select Passenger Departure Lists, 1904-1914 Moreover, twice as many passengers departed from Bremen as from Germany's second busiest port for emigration, Hamburg.

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